Sue Charles

The subject of Sue Charles work is the northeast coast of the Atlantic. She has a BFA in painting from BU’s College of Fine Arts, where teachers taught with an old world approach much like trade school, the technical skills of a fine artist. Charles Warren Eaton, William Merritt Chase, Martin Johnson Heade, George Inness, Fairfield Porter and Wolf Kahn are her favorite artists whose art has taught her many things: A painting exists on many levels. It depicts light and space with a two dimensional pattern of color shapes, and it expresses ideas and emotions: it is thought made visible. Finding the intersection between these ways of perceiving is her goal. Sweeps of space set off by curious shapes, light and air connecting everything and the mute profundity of nature all interest her greatly. A good painting contains only the essentials and it stays with you like a hummable melody, she aims for that.