Mark Howard 

Mark Howard was born in Tampa, Florida, and completed graduate studies in fine arts at Florida State University before moving to Jacksonville to teach art at FCCJ. After obtaining a second graduate degree in Business Administration, Howard transferred his professional focus to the instruction of accounting. Mark is now teaching art again!

At home at Atlantic Beach, and during yearly summer sojourns on Little Cranberry Island, Maine, he continues to create drawings and watercolors. As he looks at local landscapes and the water, he endeavors to share in painting his vision of the natural world around him, Images of mountains coastal towns, fishing villages and Florida marshes demanded expression.

Mark Howard’s watercolors are largely an immediate and impromptu response to his environment: a marriage of structure and spontaneity. In seeming paradox, the drawing underneath provides a structure, while splashes of color and juicy washes lend the work a loose, stream-like quality. He composes his use of the brush to plants growing and moving under the water of a flowing stream. He draws us in to share his experience of the changing moods of nature in an environment that is organized and anchored, yet flexible and flowing.