Charly Weir

Charly’s artwork is about making something from nothing. She loves old paint color, rust, shapes, patina, and original dirt. It’s about a huge collection of odd things reassembled. Her workshop is a treasure trove of “parts”, collections of croquet balls, brushes, hooks, hinges, and more. It’s about seeing possibility in seemingly useless objects. They come from the beach, old barns, antique shops, they get “dropped” at her doorstep. It’s the thought that “this could be something someday”, well, not it is.

She doesn’t struggle with fine joinery. “If it can’t come together with a cordless drill or a little glue, it gets rethought. Any time I get too caught up in detail, I know I’ve gone too far and just back up. Simplicity is a major factor in all the pieces.”

While she has never been formally trained as an artist, Charly brings to each creation the possibility of what we can make from the parts of our lives that tell a story of the past, our present, and that life reassembled can be a thing of beauty. Her artwork gives a new meaning to reduce, reuse, recycle, be bringing things back to life.

Charly lives in Bass Harbor with her husband, Bill. She has a BA in creative writing and women’s studies. She is also a dowser, Reiki Master, and laughter yoga teacher.