Laura Ellis


Artist Statement

Making art is a contemplative vehicle for accessing my inner life and its connection to something greater. My paintings explore the dynamics of form, line and space through the meeting of earth, sky and water. I'm also drawn to playing with the interaction of these elements as abstractions. Through a process of expression and reduction, I hope to evoke the essence of that which moves me.


Born in 1956, I lived in Minnesota until my teens, then moved to the East Coast before settling in New Mexico in 1990. As an undergraduate my favorite class was studio art. However, I chose to venture into the health sciences, and enjoyed the nurse practitioner profession for many years. Eventually I felt compelled to return to my love of making art, which continues to this day.

My husband and our two daughters are artists. Their creativity is an ongoing inspiration for me.  We live in the foothills of Santa Fe and sometimes on a small island in Maine.

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